Success in Job Interview (Sukses dalam Wawancara)

What exactly should be prepared by job seekers to face the Job Interview? Because no matter how well an application file that has been prepared if not supported by the ability to package your overall performance will definitely result is not satisfactory. This process is often a round of critical success or failure of someone to step into the next process. Job interviews can be conducted at the beginning or end of the recruitment process, as this is one of the stages of the overall acceptance of new employees disebuah company, its position is as important as the stages of other tests. Therefore, when the applicant decided to try applying for a position in a company then better than that associated with the preparation of application letters and files needed then that is no less important fact is the mental preparation.
Before the Interview
1. Go into the room after the first knock on the door either in an open or closed. Step with confidence.
2. Do not forget at the time of entry will smile at the person who interviewed you. This will greatly help reduce the sense of nervousness and to create a warm atmosphere.
3. Interviewer handshake in accordance with grip strength
4. Do not sit before the welcome by the interviewer
5. Sit in a calm and gentle
6. Put your luggage under the seat is not on the table, turn off your hp and you should not wear a jacket.
7. Wear formal wear long-sleeved shirt that is not conspicuous, for men. And a blazer or a simple blouse with a subordinate superiors or subordinates matching darker with natural colors for women.
8. Wear makeup with natural color, no need trying to impress the interviewer by wearing contact lenses, kutek colorful, or false eyelashes. Because it will make you look very unprofessional.
9. Do not smoke or chew gum
At Interview
1. Speak with a formal language, assertive, intonation is so it can be heard clearly and do not rush in to answer every question
2. Listen first overall interviewer questions so that we can give a short answer, solid and precise. Try not to cut the questions the interviewer, and by listening to the whole question then we avoid a request to repeat the question. Because it will impress you is not ready.
3. Make eye contact with interviewers, do not look down.
4. Show you're very interested with the company, by answering the questions with enthusiasm
5. Do not just answer with the words yes, no, do not know sign language or by nodding or shaking his head. Try to develop answers so you look in control.
6. End the interview with a thank you and shook hands with the interviewer.
Important things:
1. Do not forget to always prepare your CV and cover letter
2. Try to come at least 10 minutes before the interview starts, never late. The result is fatal, not all companies give a second chance.
3. Dig up as much info about the company you want to attend, search the internet about the company profile, field of work, products, tariffs, excellence. We never know what questions to be asked is not it? At least this additional information to our reserve ammunition and increase our confidence.
4. Rehearse your answers from now on, your commitment to practice will largely determine what happens-because communication is not something that we instantly get. Here are the questions most frequently asked by company:
1. How would you describe yourself?
2. What do you think your weaknesses and lack of self?
3. Where did you get information about this company?
4. Do you think that professionalism?
5. What do you do if you are accepted to work at this company?
6. Why did you quit your old job?
7. What made you interested to work here? etc.
- Avoid talking about your boss or the company's lack of time, because that image is that we lack professional.
- Do not open the subject matter of wages until you asked about it. Because we prefer to sue impressive what can be given to our company.
- If asked for salary problem, you should charge a nominal amount that you want according to your abilities and work experience. Do not ask for much more than your ability, do not ever say otherwise would be paid regardless of the origin can be accepted to work in the company, because whoever the person deserves to be appreciated. Do not forget to look for info about the standard cost of living and minimum wages (minimum wage) where you will be working later.
- If the opening session of questions, use this opportunity to ask questions. Ask anything you want to know about applying for a position or other matters relating to certainty about when you will be contacted to take the test next.

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