Job Application Letter (Surat Lamaran Pekerjaan)

Before you make a job application letter there are some things you should look first for a job application letter that you will make good and true, and things you should consider are as follows:
1. Cover letter must Impressive. Fill a job application letter should be to create an impression of sympathy, not too arrogant but also not too humble. The bottom line show our identity is interesting.
2. Cover letter should attract prospective employers. Make your job application letter of reply when someone starts reading it, would immediately be interested to know more like what our criteria. Remember first impressions are very important.
3. Please list the qualifications gained in the cover letter. Examples of job performance and successful experiences which must be mentioned, to show that we have the achievements and experience which should be considered. Use language that is easy to read, concise and solid.
4. Use language that is simple and concise. We have another opportunity to describe all the advantages and quality of ourselves in a chance interview. Therefore, for this moment for a brief but effective explanation.
5. Note the sentence in a letter of application. In your job application letter avoid using phrases which are not effective, repetitive sentences for no reason, spelling error, or use bad grammar. What often happens is that the use of descriptive words are repeated, or the conjunction repeatedly, leading to awkward sentences, rambling sentence exactly like the example you are reading now, which uses many of the conjunction 'that' repeated and over & over.
6. Job application letter in Indonesian language. Should Indonesian use only. If not requested, avoid the use of English, especially if our English language ability is poor. If we are good English, can just make a job application letter in English, which of course is a better value for us.
7. The purpose and reason for applying for work. On your job application letter, list the purpose and the reason we are proposing. Usually the oft-stated goal is that we have sufficient ability and experience which in certain occupations, and by joining us to a company who will be able to give valuable contribution to the company.
8. Tidiness letter. In order for your application easy to read do not write or print with ink is too thin, and avoid the use of tipp-ex. Use a good paper, clean & tidy, not wrinkled, not thick and not easily torn.
9. Create a cover letter with hand written or computer? If possible create a letter with a computer unless required to be written by hand. In order to obtain the quality of the writing which is equivalent to the quality of the writing of the printing machine, we recommend using an inkjet or laser printer, and as much as possible avoid the use of dot matrix printers because it will give people the impression we left behind in terms of technology. Use a standard font, like Times New Roman size 12 to give a formal impression.

Well that's a few things you should consider.

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