Lowongan BUMN Brantas Abipraya (Persero)

PT Brantas Abipraya has grown and developed to become a sound and stable Construction Company. Since of the outset, our well-trained professionals working in big irrigation projects, have been invaluable asset whose skill and expertise are continuously developed passing from the older to the younger professionals working in the company.

Now the company is known as reliable general contractor handling not only irrigation projects, but also has executed several big projects located throughout the country, i.e. big dams, tunnels, road and bridges, airfields, electric plants and many others.

PHP Programmer
Terms - Conditions:

* Male / Female age Max. 26 Year.
* S1 - IT, GPA min. 3.0.
* Min 3 years of experience in building Web-based & Desktop applications
* Mastering Visual Basic
* Understand the concept of OOP PHP 5 and MVC
* Mastering the use and management of Linux Servers and Apache
* Ability to work in Team
* Registration closed June 13, 2011

Specifications PHP Developer

* Mastering the Zend Framework
* Master of Database PostgreeSQL
* Master of Library Jquery & Java Script

Only candidates who meet the criteria will be called, officially calling via e-mail to each applicant in June 2011

Please send an e-mail to jmk@brantas-abipraya.com, if you find problems / errors when filling or storage.

Apply Online to : Lowongan Brantas Abipraya

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